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Things to Do in Lake Como


Como-Brunate Funicular Railway (Funicolare Como–Brunate)
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Since 1894 this old-school two-car railway has been operating the 10-minute journey between the city of Como and the village of Brunate, carrying passengers along a scenic stretch of Italian countryside. Once an old-school steam engine, today the popular attraction runs with an electric motor and travels through a lengthy tunnel before emerging upon epic views of breathtaking Lake Cuomo, panoramic landscapes and iconic Milano landmarks like the Villa D’Este grand hotel and the Duomo and Como Football stadium, too.

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Not all visits to Lake Como are about waterfront towns – a trip up into the hills over the lake to Brunate offers spectacular views. The small hilltop town overlooks not just Lake Como, but the town of Como itself. The two are roughly 1,600 feet apart, so while you won't be dipping your toes in the lake from Brunate, you'll be enjoying views that the people in Como can't see.

The Como-Brunate Funicular linking the towns was built in 1894, but you can keep going up even after you reach Brunate – climb the steps to the 1920s lighthouse for an even better view.

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